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Wind 1, Cabanas 0

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, December 13, 2009, at 12:32PM
Wind Damage at 705 W. 9th blogdowntown

Gusty winds on Saturday night damaged this outdoor furniture at 705 W. 9th.

Overnight gusts took their toll on cabanas installed on the podium of stalled residential tower 705 W. 9th. The building sits empty while developer Meruelo Maddux and its lenders argue over its future in bankruptcy court.

As seen from a neighboring building, the indecision hasn't been good for this furniture on the building's podium level. Broken frames and partially detached awnings tell of high winds that came through Downtown on Saturday night.

The issue is one the building's going to have to deal with regularly. The exposed placement of the furniture, jutting out over the corner of 9th and Flower, means that it will likely see gusty winds many times in the future.


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