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Street Marketing on the Sly

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, December 15, 2009, at 02:56PM
Inserts Ed Fuentes

On a stretch of W. 8th lit by storefronts last night, I watched a tall, clean-cut 20-something man walk up to a Downtown News stand and pull out half the papers. Sick puppy at home, I wondered?

Nope, apparently just some street marketing on the sly.

He placed the stack on top of a small table that was set outside for dining and quickly looked around. Then he pulled out a manila envelope.

Out of the envelope came a stack of 8.5 x 11 flyers and the young man began placing one inside each paper, next to the existing ad inserts. When he completed his guerrilla newspaper distribution, the papers were stacked neatly back into the stand. He looked around one more time, and left the scene with a brisk casual walk.

After his exit east on 8th, I took a paper and opened it to see there was a menu for Sushi Tenno and a fold-over ad for Samy's Camera. Also inside was a color flyer on bond paper touting computer repair and diagnostic professionals. One selling point is an hourly rate that "is much less than the corporate giants."

Evidently, the savings from paying rates for newspaper distribution is passed on to you, the client.

Later, in a well lit area in front of Ralphs, I took out the newspaper and saw the same Sushi Tenno and Samy's Camera inserts, but no flyer for solutions on technology. Maybe the hooded man was elsewhere in the city, looking for a newsstand.


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