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LAPD Looking For "Stun-Gun Bandit" After Fashion District Heist

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, December 17, 2009, at 09:33AM
Video still showing 'Stun-Gun Robber'

LAPD is searching for this man after he robbed a Fashion District boutique and used a stun-gun on a clerk who was cooperating with his demands.

LAPD robbery detectives are looking for the public's help in catching a man they dubbed the "Stun-Gun Bandit" after seeing video of his shocking techniques. The man robbed a boutique in the Fashion District last Tuesday, showing the clerk a gun but then taking out a stun gun and shocking the clerk after she had complied and handed him $650.

“You can hear the stun gun sparking as the man holds it against the woman’s arm," said Lt. Paul Vernon in a release. "It must have been very unnerving for her. It was completely unnecessary and just plain mean.”

The robbery took place at Day to Day Sales, Inc., on the 1000 block of Los Angeles street. Video does not give a clear picture of the suspect's face, but he is described as 50's or 60's, tall, thin and well-kempt.

“We think anyone who knows this person should recognize him nonetheless,” said Vernon. “A guy like this shouldn’t get away with robbing a store, or being this mean.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Al Rasch at 213-972-1245.


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