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Ozomatli Lays It Down for the Little Ones

By Monk Turner
Published: Sunday, December 20, 2009, at 03:55PM
Ozomatli at the Grammy Museum Becky Sapp/Wire Image

L.A. band Ozomatli performs in front of a pint-sized audience during a Saturday show at the Grammy Museum.

L.A. outfit Ozomatli put on a special performance at the Grammy Museum on Saturday, sandwiching a mid-day date for the band's underage fans between two nights at neighboring Club Nokia. Some of those fans chose to run around the sound stage, others were still learning how to walk. Some were able to beat their own drum, others needed the assistance of mommy and daddy.

The event was part of the Grammy Museum's ongoing Musical Explorations series, which draws families to the museum to check out special kid-friendly performances. Past events have included the likes of Ziggy Marley, Milkshake, and Buck Howdy.

Stylistically, Ozomatli blends latin, hip hop, and rock; all styles you'd hear basting out of car stereos in L.A.'s diverse neigborhoods. However on this day, they relied heavily two of their most 'kid-friendly' animal songs to engage the little ones. The group offered detailed instruction on how to do an East LA version of the funky chicken and, my personal favorite, the monkey dance.

About a dozen of the kids took the band up on an offer to return in the evening to join the band up on stage during the grown-up show at Club Nokia, well after their bedtimes.

Autographs were signed, pictures with the band were taken, and all in all, it was a good day in the City of Angels.


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