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Grand Avenue Asphalt Could Give Way to Downtown's Next Park

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, January 04, 2010, at 01:15PM
Grand Avenue Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Extra width on this stretch of Grand Avenue could become a linear park under plans being prepared by the Community Redevelopment Agency.

A stretch of Grand Avenue between 9th and Olympic could soon be going on a "road diet," giving way to space for a new linear park that would replace two existing traffic lanes.

The Community Redevelopment Agency is spearheading the project and this week will kick off a series of public meetings intended to help it fast-track a design and pursue state funding.

While taking lanes away from cars may be a foreign concept in Los Angeles, new security rules imposed after 9/11 required that street parking in front of the Federal Reserve be removed. That left an extra lane's worth of road width that did not continue south of Olympic. North of 9th and south of Olympic, Grand is narrower and striped for only four lanes. The block in between is wide enough to fit seven.

The site is adjacent to Grand Hope Park, leaving the potentially awkward situation of two parks on a single block when neighboring areas have none. The CRA sees the two working together, though, and thinks the linear space could potentially have dog park features built in. Dogs aren't allowed in Grand Hope Park.

A series of four workshops and one bus tour kick off on Thursday, with a 6pm brainstorming meeting. Followup sessions would take place on January 13, January 18 and February 4. A bus tour of parks with features similar to those that might go in the space will be offered on Saturday, January 9. Meetings will be held at the Public Works building, 1149 S. Broadway, in room SB6.


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