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Last Remaining Seats Slates Six For 2010 Season

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, January 08, 2010, at 11:12AM
IMGP7495 Ed Fuentes

Moviegoers line up for a showing of "The Sting" on opening night of 2009's Last Remaining Seats.

Looking to give eager fans some extra heads-up and perhaps entice them to become members, the Los Angeles Conservancy yesterday sent out a "preliminary slate of films" for this years Last Remaining Seats. The series will be the 24th run of movie classics screened inside Broadway’s historic theaters.

The extra time also gives attendees time to prepare what to wear. Before each screening, you can see men donning brooding fedoras, or ladies standing tall with a stylish cloche hat, while waiting in long lines. This year, though, dressing options expand beyond the early 20th Century.


Mad Men-style may be the must-wear style for this picture, which stars Robert Morse. Morse's TV role as Bertram Cooper could be considered an homage to the part he played in the 1967 musical comedy about J. Pierrepont Finch, a career ladder climbing romantic hero surviving the corporate world.

Is 1967 too out of date to emulate Don Draper's skinny tie formality or Betty Draper sensible sweaters? Not at all.

The Broadway musical, which also starred Morse, opened in 1961. Besides, dedicated Mad Men fans will know that the Los Angeles Theater has been a location for the AMC original series. Interiors are filmed at Los Angeles Center Studios just west of the 110 freeway. Pre-show dining option: the cheeky and mod 24/7 Restaurant at The Standard Downtown.

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951) / June 2, Million Dollar Theatre

It's a good time to doff double crossing noir-wear for this Alfred Hitchcock classic that had a screenplay first penned by Raymond Chandler before screenwriter Czenzi Ormonde softened it up for censors. Pre-show dining option: TRAXX at Union Station.

AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973) / June 9, Orpheum Theatre

This George Lucas rock-and-roll flashback with Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Harrison Ford and Cindy Williams may have movie-goers wearing 501 jeans rolled up at the cuff or skirts that tease. Maybe someone in line will dress up as Wolfman Jack. Some may cruise around Broadway and 9th street a few times before parking. Dining option: D-Town Burger Bar, on 6th between Broadway and Spring.

THE GRADUATE (1967) / June 16, Los Angeles Theatre

You will have to be discreet to dress up for Mike Nichols late 60s satire starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and Katharine Ross. Be proper as you mingle in line or the lobby, but after the movie, some of you can wear something seductive and have a drink and a smoke at Broadway Bar.

FLOR SILVESTRE (Wild Flower) (1943) / June 23, Million Dollar Theatre / Co-presented by the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles

Revolutionary movement and vengeance make for this Mexican romantic drama starring Dolores Del Rio and Pedro Armendáriz. Dining option: Grand Central Market next door to the Million Dollar Theatre.

PETER PAN (1924) / June 30, Orpheum Theatre

With this silent film, you can hope a Wurlitzer Organ captures the fight between Peter Pan's Posse and Captain Hook's crew. While I cannot recommend wearing green tights on Broadway, wearing a pirate outfit is not that unusual Downtown. Dining option: The Redwood Bar and Grill, on 2nd between Hill and Broadway.

Last Remaining Seats began in 1987 to raise awareness of neglected historic theatres. Films are subject to change. For updates, visit L.A. Conservancy or call the Conservancy’s event hotline at (213) 430-4219.


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