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Linear Park Planners Look to Culver City, Exposition Park for Grand Avenue Inspiration

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, January 13, 2010, at 02:28PM
Grand Avenue Linear Park Bus Tour Eric Richardson [Flickr]

During the first brainstorming meeting for the Grand Avenue linear park, stakeholders asked for a water feature, perhaps in the vein of this one at the Helms Bakery complex in Culver City.

While a first brainstorming meeting for the linear park proposed to go on Grand Avenue produced no shortage of ideas, project consultants on Saturday took a group of stakeholders to Culver City and Exposition Park to see what has been done with similar spaces in the area.

The tour, which was open to the public and attended by a dozen or so members of the community, first visited a trio of sites in Culver City.

Inside the Helm's Bakery complex, a portion of Helms Avenue was recently converted into pedestrian space that features seating, a water feature, a small grassy area and stone paving.

Then it was around the corner to a stretch of Washington Boulevard where the city had narrowed the roadway, adding landscaping and benches between the roadway and the sidewalk.

Finally, the group visited a pedestrian between the Culver Hotel and the Pacific Culver Stadium 14 where an interactive water feature stands in the middle of a wide walkway.

Over at Exposition Park, the group was shown a pedestrian promenade recently constructed alongside Vermont Avenue on the edge of the park. The space featured a decomposed granite walkway and lines of small trees.

The Grand Avenue linear park is proposed for a one-block stretch between 9th street and Olympic. The roadway is 56 feet wide both north and south of the project, but 80 feet wide in that one stretch. The Community Redevelopment Agency proposes to reduce the roadway by two lanes, creating a 20 foot wide park space on the east side of the street and an eight foot wide sidewalk extension on the west side.

A third workshop on design for the project will take place this evening at 6pm in the basement of the Public Works building at 1149 S. Broadway. Two more meetings will take place before the project's state Proposition 84 application is submitted. That must be done by March 1.


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