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"Stun-Gun Bandit" Caught After Bank Robbery

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, January 20, 2010, at 09:12AM
Video still showing 'Stun-Gun Robber'

A surveillance photo of the "Stun-Gun Bandit," who in December robbed a Fashion District boutique. Police say that he is responsible for at least two bank robberies.

A man dubbed the "Stun-Gun Bandit" for his shocking treatment of a store clerk in a December Fashion District robbery was arrested yesterday as part of a bank robbery investigation. Lester Robert Evans, 68, was found in his apartment on the 400 block of E. 7th.

Police say that Evans was the man who in December used a stun gun on a clerk at Day to Day Sales, Inc., after she had already complied with his instructions and handed him $650.

On Tuesday, detectives visited Evans' apartment while investigating him for a robbery at a bank where he had an account. Evans was already on parole for a previous bank job, and on the way to the scene, detectives had a hunch they might be able to close two cases at once.

“As I rolled up at the bank, my robbery detective drove by and said, ‘What do you think lieutenant? Stun-gun bandit?,’ and darned if he wasn’t right,” said Lt. Paul Vernon. “The description of the bank robber was just too co-incidental.”

Because Evans was on parole, no bail has been set. Police are now investigating what else he might have been up to.

“Two robberies in two months and a convicted bank robber to boot; we’ll be looking closely to see if he’s responsible for any other robberies,” Lt Vernon said. “Downtown businesses should be much safer with him behind bars.”


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