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A Quick Look at the Los Angeles Art Show

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, January 22, 2010, at 01:36PM
Not Again Ed Fuentes

Scott Yeskel’s “Taco Truck #6” at the Sue Greenwood Fine Art booth, LA Art Show.

The 2010 Los Angeles Art Show is an overwhelming collection of art styles. Casual attendees may find themselves distracted by listening to dealers network with collectors. The event's prestige, despite other art fairs opening in Los Angeles, has stayed intact thanks to the heavy representation from international artists and galleries.

Organizers report that 3,500 attended the show's opening night VIP reception gala. They expect a good crowd this upcoming weekend before the show closes Sunday.

This year's show spotlights the Uruguyan art world, and the collective curated by Gustavo Tabares, Coordinator of the Visual Arts Program at the Dirreccion Nacional de Cultura, can easily take up most if your visit.

With its full program of lectures, exhibitions, and performances, a visit to the show may be the best way to monitor the pulse of the international art scene so close to home, while staying dry at the same time.

Catching my eye was a piece that shows what may become a new icon of Los Angeles: the taco truck.

FADA Los Angeles Art Show 2010 / Runs until January 24 / Los Angeles Convention Center


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