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2nd Street Parkway Gets Weeded

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, February 02, 2010, at 06:06PM
2nd Street Landscaping - Now Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The new 2nd street parkway is created out of three shades of wood chips.

After two years of neglect, the narrow strip of landscaped parkway on the 2nd street side of the Caltrans building has finally been given some overdue attention.

The weedy overgrowth that had taken over the space has newly been replaced by a three-tone wood chip design that creates a curvy pattern around the parkway's trees.

Those trees seemed headed for removal back in 2006, when the city posted notices that it intended to pull them out and widen the roadway as part of the Police Headquarters project. The community organized opposition to the widening and the tree removal, and the plan was halted.

Or so it seemed.

The same project popped back up in 2008, and was again killed, with Councilwoman Jan Perry's office stepping in to say that a deal had been reached with DOT to spare the parkway.

Amidst it all, care for the space seemed to fall by the wayside. The once flowery space had been left to the weeds until the new design appeared.


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