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Tat’s All, Folks: Main Street Tattoo Closes

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, February 03, 2010, at 10:52AM
IMGP3963 Ed Fuentes

The only art left at Main Street Tattoo is this uncompleted piece by Emmeric Konard, who recently did the mural on the glass of the Down & Out at 5th and Spring.

Main Street Tattoo has removed its large blue sign off the front of their parlor. Inside, all that is left is a few chairs, some boxes, and an unfinished Emmeric Konard wall painting in the restroom.

Yet co-owner Edgar Ibarra says it wasn’t a downturn in the business of using body parts as canvas that closed his doors, but disagreements with building management and night film crews.

“It was a good run,” says Ibarra, who has no current plans to open a new parlor. “It was also the longest I’ve been in one place.”

When Main Street Tattoos first opened back in November 2007, the ink parlor was thought––or feared––to be a throwback to Main Street’s previous life, when the drag was filled with pawnshops, bars, and run-down theaters.

Those fears didn't pan out, and the place seemed to fit in fine with the hipster segment of the Old Bank District’s population.

Interestingly, Main Street Tattoo credit themselves as the first non-gallery business to invite artists and musicians to use the sidewalk fronting their store during Downtown Art Walk.

If so, the tattoo parlor made a permanent mark on Art Walk, for better or worse, by opening the gates for others to join the grassroots walk at street level.


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