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Art Walk Preview: February, 2010

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2010, at 01:33PM
IMGP2229 Ed Fuentes

February's Downtown Art Walk take place this Thursday, and the night will use the same map that the event debuted in January.

Off the map, though, others are trying to ride on the Art Walk synergy. The mobile food court at Alameda and Traction hopes to attract some gallery-goers on their way in, and an "Art Walk After Party" at Downtown Youth and Culture Center (132 S. Beaudry) hopes to get some folks on the way out.

In the middle, though, is the art.

'Difference and Repetition': CB1 Gallery's inaugural exhibition features two Los Angeles based artists. Daniel Aksten's wall sculpture and painting is a "conscious decisions with regard to scale, texture and paint color and the composition, shape and image are given to chance— literally the roll of a die." HK Zamani’s dome paintings are fragile portraits; "Some are ruins, some are vessels that transport—chrome and against corrosion—DeLorean, stellar." Opens during Downtown Art Walk. CB1 Gallery / 207 W. 5th

'and the world is ours': At compactspace, two artists will navigate the "ever-morphing territories of New Media art and culture." Tim Schwartz's sculptural work Ruin is a giant stalactite posed as installation, described as "a giant iron-coated hunk of fiberglass constantly sprayed with acidic water." The piece made its debut at the Oceanside Museum of Art, and has been corroding since. Robert Twomey offers information-based signifiers in Human Factors in Computing Systems: Studies and Saccade, "offering an experience that re-stages the particular movements and fixations of a viewer’s eye." compactspace / 105 E. 6th

'Prison INC': There's no surprise what incarcerated artists use for subjects: women or family in escapist forms. What is striking is the illustrative detail made from minimal materials of skin, ink, and desire. This show at Crewest also includes an installation by Edgar "OSOK" Hoill and BHC. Crewest / 110 Winston

POPLOCK GALLERY is the spunky new venue having dual official grand opening celebrations. There was a partial soft opening on 5th street during last Art Walk. The cheeky bunch says to give them their 15 minutes of fame "and we will change the world." Two locations await you. POPLOCK / 211 W. 5th and 408 S. Spring.

The Latino Museum's permanent collection of visual work from emerging and established contemporary Latino and Latin American artists is a Spring street stop. A piece from Christina Fernandez’s Lavandería Series is currently on display, they say. The Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture / 514 S. Spring

'18th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit' at FIDM Museum and Galleries brings out film costumes from flicks like Inglourious Basterds, Sherlock Holmes, Amelia, Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos), Star Trek and Young Victoria. The show nabbed four from the five Academy Award Best Costume nominated films. FIDM / 919 S. Grand Avenue

'Home on the Strange: In Search of the Salton Sea' is new work by Deborah Martin with collaborative works by Amy Sather Smith and Juli Vizza. The gallery blog says that "based on Polaroids taken over a period of four years, Deborah Martin paints portraits of landscapes depicting various aspects of reality of life on the Salton Sea." Martin's American Realism is joined with narrative by Amy Sather Smith and video by Juli Vizza. Deborah Martin Gallery / 209 W. 5th

'Little Tokyo invades Downtown Artwalk' Is part pop-up store, part art exhibition that had no name last month. Now dubbed as a visit from "the best of Little Tokyo" taking over the former Banco Popular location at 4th and Spring. Curated by Hold Up Art, this month rendition includes installation by artists Eye One & Cache, and has partnerships with Archrival, Vespa of Los Angeles, No. A and RIF LA.

Hold Up Art is an independent art space, curating exhibitions of working Pop Urban artists "Focused on participation and accessibility, Hold Up offers a revitalized environment for dialogue between artist and audience."


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