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Around the Corner, Old Bank DVD Stays Strong

By Pamela Rouse
Published: Wednesday, February 24, 2010, at 09:05AM
Old Bank DVD Sign Pamela Rouse [Flickr]

Old Bank DVD's neon sign hung over its old Main street space long after its short move, but was recently transfered to 4th.

While Old Bank DVD's October move may have been short -- the store's address didn't even change -- it was still risky. Main street retail was in its infancy when the store opened in late 2005, but over four years the rental shop's customers had gotten pretty comfortable with where to find it.

Turns out those customers were willing to follow the store to 4th street, and some new folks even found the shop in the process.

"We still average 100 [new] customers per month since we opened four years ago," said co-owner Erik Loysen. "We're now at about 4900 members."

The 4th street corridor has a different traffic flow than Main street, and that has led to new visitors who didn't realize the shop had been open around the corner.

Most importantly, though, the move gave Old Bank some desperately needed room to grow, three times that of the Main street location. The shop has recently added sections for customer and employee movie picks, and on Old Bank's Facebook page there is a space for customers to contribute movie suggestions, reviews and discussions. They also hope to use the new space for screenings, and have planned out how to seat 40 or more.

While the shop no longer has its patio, those looking for a hangout are still welcome to the comfortable chairs inside. They still have their wifi connection, although they don't get much walk-in laptop traffic.

When it comes down to it, though, it's all about the films. "[The move] gives the movies the space they deserve," said Loysen.


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