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Opening Near for 213's Las Perlas

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, February 26, 2010, at 06:35PM
Las Perlas Eric Richardson [Flickr]

An opening should come next week for 213 Ventures' new mezcal and tequila-themed Las Perlas. The bar, located across 6th street from Cole's, passed inspections last week and final interior work is underway.

Inside, the space shares little with the other bars in the 213 empire, which includes Seven Grand, the Golden Gopher and the Broadway Bar. Interior designer Ricki Kline went for a much brighter palate of mint green and blues, blending a rough, authentic Mexican look with softer touches.

Update (Monday): 213 says that an opening should come this weekend.

Kline has designed the interiors for all of the 213 bars, but seems a little extra proud of how Las Perlas has come out.

The 26-foot bar is made of light green porcelainized enamel, the same material as bathtubs and sinks. Kline loved how the bar became part of the show at The Varnish, the cocktail bar in the back of Cole's, but didn't want to repeat the stainless steel. The enamel is "more playful," he said. Stretched across it are the words 'Mezcal Y Cerveza,' reflecting the bar's offerings. Behind the bar, a Zumex juicer will turn out fresh lime juice to complement the selections.

References to the Mexican drinks' roots abound, with region names painted on century-old hand-blown glass jugs behind the bar and different varieties of agave plants named on the walls. A large chalkboard will feature the bar's hand-written menu.

Wooden tables feature plastic tablecloths, but real leather on the benches. Attention to detail is important to Kline and 213. "A girl in a mini-skirt will notice that," he pointed out.

An opening could come as soon as Monday, once the last bits of work are completed. On Friday afternoon, the team was busy hanging wallpaper in the women's bathroom and preparing a display of rabbits feet that will hang near the bar's pool table.

High on the wall is a deer head, and several other taxidermied pieces make appearances. Kline may have broken away from the standard 213 look for Las Perlas, but he certainly hasn't lost his love for dead animals.


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