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Provecho Eviction Case Moves Forward

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, at 02:59PM
Provecho Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The revitalized Downtown appears set to suffer one of its first high-profile restaurant casualties, as landlord 800 Wilshire today was given the go-ahead for eviction proceedings against chef Gabriel Morales' Provecho.

The corporation that controls the Mexican restaurant and martini lounge Remedy, both of which opened in late 2008, filed for bankruptcy protection on February 8, claiming nearly $2 million in debts.

Today, Judge Alan Ahart gave the restaurant's landlord permission to continue eviction proceedings. On January 27, 800 Wilshire gave the restaurant a five day notice to surrender the premises or pay $39,743 in back rent. When the restaurant did neither, the building filed an unlawful detainer case on February 8. That same day, the restaurant's 800 Wilshire Group, LLC filed for bankruptcy protection.

Court filings show a long list of creditors. The restaurant says that it owes the state nearly $144,000 in sales taxes, and a laundry list of vendors show up among those with claims.

A drawn-out opening couldn't have helped the company's books. Morales and wife Jill Bigelow first signed a lease on the nearly 8,000 square foot space in July of 2007. Delays and permit issues kept the doors from opening until December of 2008.

Building manager Anthony Khuns said today that he was sorry to see the restaurant fall on financial hard times. "They're a great restaurant and they've had a tough time," he said. "They've been good for the building."

Today's ruling allows the building's eviction case to move forward, but provides no immediate resolution.

For now, the restaurant remains open. A flyer sent out today advertises its St. Patrick's Day specials, including $3 green beer and $1 corned beef tacos.


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