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Diaz Making Downtown Rounds

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, March 19, 2010, at 10:15AM
ChiefDiaz Ed Fuentes

Deputy Chief Sergio Diaz is retiring from LAPD on March 31.

With a retirement date set for March 31, LAPD Deputy Chief Sergio Diaz is making some final rounds around the city he's served for 33 years.

On Monday, the former street cop led a bike tour through Downtown with two-wheeled patrols manned by LAPD and Downtown's BIDs. Together, the entourage surveyed the changes made in the city before taking a brief break at the base of Angels Flight.

Diaz rose through the ranks to his current post as Deputy Chief, which he was assigned after the 2007 May Day demonstration that began Downtown and later became confrontational in MacArthur Park.

Yet, it's the lower crime rates throughout LAPD's Central Bureau that had Diaz out on Monday morning, a trip that may not have been made if he had retired a few years earlier. “It certainly would have been different,” he said. “Of all the places in L.A., this is where we see the big difference. It wasn’t just LAPD. It was the work of other organizations, like the BIDs, that made a contribution to these changes."

The last ride through a changed Downtown happened on the day Angels Flight resumed a regular operating schedule. “It was a coincidence with these cars, such a visible symbol of the city,’ Diaz said with the soft rumble of twin cars Olivet and Sinai behind him. “I can’t believe there isn’t some significance to it.”


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