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Two Bits Market Hopes to Bring Fresh Options to the Historic Core

By Pamela Rouse
Published: Wednesday, March 24, 2010, at 03:00PM
Two_Bits Pamela Rouse [Flickr]

Brandi Lozano points out renovations inside the space that will soon house her Two Bits market on the ground floor of The Alexandria.

When most people see a problem in their neighborhood, they complain about it. Brandi Lozano decided to do something to change it.

Two Bits, which could open in May on the ground floor of The Alexandria, is a fresh produce market that Lozano hopes will fill a gap in options for purchasing fresh foods.

Lozano, who moved Downtown from Highland Park just over a year ago, says she's a new "foodie." While her background is in the skateboard industry, but she was looking for a change into a business she was passionate about.

To open the space she's partnered with Vianey Delgadillo, owner of Bar 107 and The Down & Out. Delgadillo's relationship with the Amerland Group helped land the space on 5th street, between Spring and Broadway.

The company was looking for something similar, and Lozano says that Amerland has been a big help in the process. "Ruben [Islas] and Jules [Arthur] have really been supportive," she says.

The idea for the market was inspired by the "Bi-Rite" market she had visited with her fiance in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. Along with the walls of fresh produce, she will have imported cheese and wine.

She's also consulted with Chef Brian Murphy of New York on a menu that will feature sandwich selections. "I found a local bakery in South Pasadena -- Great Harvest Bakery -- that mills its own flour," Lozano explains.

Like Two Bits, the bakery in question is also a new business. "They've been open just a few weeks." Lozano hopes to work with other local businesses like Great Harvest.

Renovations are currently underway to prep the 1,000 square foot space for build-out to begin. While raw, the space does have some some nice features. "I plan to have our hardwood floors refinished," Lozano adds.

Lozano says she wants to hear from the community and get feedback from her Downtown neighbors. "I'm a little new to the industry, so I'm all ears," she says. If permitting goes smoothly, the market could open in 30 - 60 days.


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