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Promoter Desiree Garcia

By Monk Turner
Published: Wednesday, March 31, 2010, at 10:41AM
Desiree Garcia Monk Turner [Flickr]

Pay no attention to that promoter behind the bar...

Desiree Garcia will never be Bill Graham. Not because she doesn't have the desire to take over LA's music scene, but because she just prefers to be the one behind the scenes. With folks like Sean Healy and Goldenvoice making sure you know who brought you the evening's bands, Desiree's humility is a breath of fresh air in an ego-dominated arena.

These days she can be found booking Tuesday nights at Bordello, doing her part to revive Downtown's live music scene.

MONK TURNER: How long have you been putting together events?

DESIREE GARCIA: About a year..

MT: What some places you've booked at in the past?

DG: Mr. T's Bowl, SeƱor Fish here in downtown, a boat in Long Beach, and now we've ended up here.

MT: Cool. What can folks expect to see when they come on one of your nights at Bordello?

DG: Expect to see a bunch of bands that will sound great together and something different from what you're used to seeing in the Silverlake area. Also to have a great time and meet with some people who have a real sense of community.

MT: What are some bands you've had here in the past?_

DG: We've had Megalosaurus. We've had Spider Problem and they put on a great show. A band called Mahi Gato who tore it up. The singer is just amazing. We try to mix it up.

MT: Why do this in downtown?

DG: I met the owner of the club and he invited me down to check it out and I just fell in love with the place. It has such a good vibe and I fell in love with the stage and the sound was amazing. All of those things fit what we were looking for.

MT: So when you say 'we', you refer to...

DG: Umm...

MT: Does your production company have a name?

DG: No. It is pretty much me when I say 'we.'

MT: So you have multiple personalities. [laughter]

DG: Well it is me and my friend Manny Robles. He helps me book shows and goes out looking for bands. When I say 'we' I mean me and the bands that I book. We talk about it and see what would sound good and make it happen.

MT: And you're rolling in money from doing this?

DG: Oh gosh. Dripping in diamonds. [laughter]

MT: In all seriousness you don't make a dime. Why do you do it?

DG: For the love of it. For the sense that we're bringing people together who want the same community of musicians. People who are all friends and we all play the same shows. We all hang out and have a good time.

Desiree books her rock shows on Tuesday nights at Bordello. There tends to be about four bands on the bill and cover is $5. That's a buck twenty five a band! Bordello is located at 901 E. 1st St and the first band normally hits the stage around 9:30.


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