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DJ Darren Revell

By Monk Turner
Published: Tuesday, April 13, 2010, at 05:32PM
DSCN1976 Monk Turner [Flickr]

Darren Revell makes boys cry.

There is something uniquely genuine and real about Downtown LA. Sure, we get our share of celebrity visits and L.A. Live seems to be luring in a rather 'so LA' crowd, but there are strongholds like Tony's that are helping to keep the scene a bit more personal. One of its heros is former Indie 103.1 DJ Darren Revell, known for his show Big Sonic Heaven.

Revell comes to his gigs armed with an arsenal of post punk music that will make even the toughest of grunts break out their tissues and share their feelings. He was kind enough to leave his station at the turntables just long enough for us to see how he is adjusting to life after FM.

MONK TURNER: How long have you been a DJ?

DARREN REVELL: Since the 80s back in Detroit. I started spinning in '87.

MT: What kind of music?

DR: Back then the alternative stuff like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees...

MT: Stuff that makes boys cry? [laughter]

DR: Yeah. [laughter] And all the pretty alternative girls dance. [laughter]

MT: What brought you to Los Angeles?

DR: I had done everything I wanted to do in Detroit...

MT: Got sick of the snow?

DR: Got sick of the snow for sure. I had been coming out visiting here and New York City. So it was either going to be New York City or Los Angeles and I don't like the weather in New York. I came out here and got a radio gig at Indie 103.1 and worked there for three years until it went off the air.

MT: What kind of music do you spin now?

DR: I still spin a lot of the old alternative stuff. Some new stuff like Little Dragon. Goldfrapp. I love Goldfrapp. Ravonettes.

MT: How has DJing in downtown every Saturday been as opposed to your nights in other parts of the city?

DR: I love it here. I also spin at Golden Gopher two Thursdays a month.

MT: What time should people come if they want to check you out?

DR: A good time to roll in is around 11:30pm. That is when we start to get our rush.

MT: What about the free parking? Is it still available at that time?

DR: Sometimes and sometimes not. [laughter] There are a lot of people that live in the lofts here that walk. We can still have a good crowd and there is still parking.

MT: What attracts you to downtown?

DR: It is just more of a community feel. People seem friendlier and a little more down to Earth. I don't know if that is a generalization on my part, but I get that feeling. In Hollywood you've got a little bit of plastic going on there.

MT: Just a little bit?

DR: Maybe a lot. [laughter] People just seems happier here downtown. I like this bar a lot because it is more of a neighborhood feel. You get good drinks, just like you do in Hollywood, but you don't have the attitude.

Tony's is located at 2017 E. 7th St. The joint opens around 8pm but things get poppin' later on. If you see Darren, buy him a drink.


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