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Around the Halls: April 19 - 21, 2010

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, April 19, 2010, at 08:47AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, April 19, and budget issues continue to be City Hall's top topic. A massive Budget & Finance committee meeting on Monday will tackle who pays for sidewalk repairs, how to spend the City's Measure R transit funds, and what to do with LADOT's transit deficit. Later, look for a Little Tokyo gym lease and a discussion of finances at the L.A. Mall.

MONDAY: Budget & Finance committee holds a meeting that includes joint items with Public Works and Transportation.

CF 05-1853 would remove the city's liability for repair of sidewalks damaged by tree roots, shifting that responsibility to the property owner.

CF 09-0600-S48 is a programming plan for the City's Local Return share of Measure R sales tax funds. Ten percent would be split between bicycle and pedestrian projects.

CF 10-0082 brings to Council the DASH and Commuter Express service cuts proposed in January.

CF 10-0529 is a request from the CIty Attorney's office for funding to continue enforcement against illegal supergraphics.

TUESDAY: Council is in session. Information Technology and Government Affairs meets, pulling in Budget & Finance for a joint session on two items.

In a seven item agenda, the budget continues to be topic number one.

Item 3, CF 10-0002-S19, is a consideration of the City's official position on the Mayor's 30/10 initiative to speed up the construction of transit projects.

At IT&GA, CF 10-0450 is a motion asking the city to prepare a ground lease with the Little Tokyo Service Center for the Budokan of Los Angeles, a gym and rooftop garden slated to go behind the new LAPD Motorpool.

CF 10-0142 is a Perry / Parks motion wanting to know the current financials of the Los Angeles mall.

WEDNESDAY: Council meets, as do three committees.

At Housing, Community and Economic Development, CF 10-0211 is an update to the LASED plan to allow production studio space on the Olympic North parcel. The Council approved the entitlements in November.

Council weighs in with a six item agenda, the first item of which is budget discussion.

At Public Works, CF 10-0349 is a Perry / Huizar motion that asks for the ground floor plaza of the new parking structure at 1st and Judge John Aiso Street in Little Tokyo to be named “Reverend Howard Toriumi Plaza.” Toriumi was senior pastor of Union Church from 1961 to 1979 and helped guide Little Tokyo during redevelopment efforts in those decades.


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