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Number-A: Head of the Fashion Pack in Little Tokyo

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, at 11:31AM
Stylin' Ed Fuentes

Nate Vormehr, Fashion Designer and co-owner of No-A (Number A) boutique in Little Tokyo.

There has been quite the good crop of stylish fashion shops popping up in Little Tokyo of late, making the eastern Downtown enclave reflect Tokyo's adoration for urban street fashion.

Number-A, owned by Alana Lobit and Nate Vormehr, taps into that global fashion sense, offering domestics alongside international labels inside the bold, bright shop at 2nd and Central.

The selection of lines from New Zealand, Australia, Finland, and the UK have stood out from the other fashion boutiques around Little Tokyo, even as each shop strives to drive their own style of fashion. "Its all good because its all different," Vormehr says. "People can down here and shop and they can find something different in each store."

Combined with new housing development and the addition of the Gold Line's Eastside Extension, Little Tokyo is adding something more than just the sushi-for-lunch crowd and bars with sake hours. "It's bringing a lot of people down here. Now it's becoming a daytime place," he says.

"Its a mix of Little Tokyo and Downtown, and the Japanese have been pioneers in fashion, and that lays into the urban Downtown L.A. grittiness."

That includes menswear, and the shop has been responding to the trend in head wear.

Unlike many boutiques, the shop includes menswear selections, and lately that includes a growing array of head-wear.

"The last couple of years they have been gaining popularity. The fedora, and the driving caps, its a step up from baseball caps," Vormehr says while pointing out a large shipment waiting to be placed on display. "Fashion in general is getting a little classier. The 90's grunge, then in 2000s the hip-hop and crazy neon . . . it got old."

"Lately, its been a mix of different styles," he adds. "Its good for us. We are kinda eclectic."

Eclectic, or simply hip.

No A (Number-A) / 374 E. 2nd / Little Tokyo / 213-626-6155


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