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Auction to Support Artist Richard Godfrey Set for April 30

By Pamela Rouse
Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2010, at 12:38PM
fundraiser flyer Pamela Rouse [Flickr]

Painter and kinetic sculptor Richard Godfrey has a long history with Los Angeles and the Arts District community. A past resident of the Arts District for over twenty years, he has exhibited both locally (such as at BGFA and Julie Rico's gallery) as well internationally in Paris and Japan.

While working on a recent installation in Long Beach, Godfrey fell some sixteen feet off scaffolding. He sustained a serious head injury, a punctured lung, a broken hip and severe injuries to his left side. He is still in the hospital and is now suffering from infection. Everyone is hoping for the best while he slowly recovers.

When Julie Rico found out about Godfrey's accident, she went to work immediately putting together a fund-raiser and silent auction to help defray his expenses resulting from the fall. That effort, dubbed "A Little Help From My Friends," is becoming a very large event showcasing local art.

"Richard is the backbone of Downtown L.A. art community," Rico said last week. "This event is really bringing everyone together. It's been really uplifting to do this event with everyone coming forward."

One by one artists have shown up at Rico's eatery, Weeneez, to donate pieces of their work. What was originally a small event has spontaneously erupted in a swelling of support. Over 100 artists have stepped forward to lend support (including some who never met Richard) donating time and art to the cause.

Recently Michael Gullberg dropped off a small framed piece. The Mount Washington artist had shown with Rico previously and was moved to respond. "You hear about something like this and you can't help but want to help," he stated.

Another artist, Leigh Salgado, stopped in a short while later with several pieces. She said she first met Richard some eight years ago, but had known of him and his work much longer. "He's a good friend. He's been very supportive to me. He came to my events." She grew a bit sad as she continued, "I really love him. He's a great artist... I'm devastated."

A preview of items in the silent auction starts on Monday, April 26, at Weeneez. Interested bidders can stop by Weeneez between 10am and 4pm.

The auction itself will take place on the evening of the 30th, when a cocktail reception wraps up the fundraiser at 1018Gallery event space (1018 S. Santa Fe; near 7th Street). A line up of musicians and performers will entertain from 6pm until midnight.

Artist and curator Lilli Muller is lining up the entertainment. Rick Robinson and Emmeric Konrad will be the MCs for the event. The evening will include performance art, stand-up comedy, and a poetry performance by Kennon B Raines. An eclectic selection of live music, including blues artist Bill Woodcock, the country music sounds of The Tawney Ellis Band, rock bands including the Ukes of Hazzard, Little Baby Justice, and much more, will round out the evening. Little Tokyo's Weiland Brewery will serve up the beer.

Bidding will close at 11pm with the winners announced immediately afterward. Anyone with questions or wanting to help should email or check Julie Rico's Facebook page for updates.

Weeneez / 500 S. Spring / 213-817-6002

1018Gallery / 1018 S. Sante Fe


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