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HCNC Heads to the Polls on Thursday

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, April 28, 2010, at 01:08PM
HCNC Map Los Angeles City Clerk

Map of the Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council bounds. Available as a PDF on the City Clerk's site.

Stakeholders in the Arts District, Little Tokyo and Chinatown will head to the polls on Thursday to elect a new board of directors for the Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council (HCNC). The election will take place at El Pueblo's Pico House, with voting open from 1 to 7pm.

HCNC's meandering bounds stretch across and beyond the northern edge of Downtown, running from 7th street and the L.A. River to the area of Elysian Park above Dodger Stadium. Also included are Solano Canyon and Victor Heights.

The board has 33 seats, made up of 21 stakeholder categories.

Contested races are in the categories of At Large Representative, with four vying for two seats; El Pueblo de Los Angeles At-Large Representative, El Pueblo de Los Angeles Business Owner Representative and El Pueblo de Los Angeles Nonprofit Representative, all with with two candidates vying for one seat; Solano Canyon Resident Representative, with four vying for two seats; and Victor Heights Resident Representative, with eight candidates competing for four seats. All other races have the same number of balloted candidates as seats.

Created in 1999 as part of a City Charter overhaul, neighborhood councils are intended to give communities a greater voice in local affairs. Councils primarily advise the City Council, but also have some amount of funding to use on community projects. That funding has been under attack this year as the City fights to close a sizable budget deficit.

That's not the focus of Thursday's event, though, which will feature the Kogi BBQ truck after 4:30pm. Voters will need to self-affirm their stakeholder status, either by owning property, running a business, residing or belonging to a non-profit group in the council boundaries.


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