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Handcuffed Together, Demonstrators Protest AZ Immigration Law

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, May 06, 2010, at 02:49PM
AZ Protest Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Police work to separate the 14 demonstrators who chained themselves together outside the Federal Detention Center this morning, blocking traffic on Alameda street.

Fourteen demonstrators handcuffed themselves together this morning and laid down in the street outside the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center, blocking the center's entrance in protest of Arizona's controversial new law requiring immigrants to carry documentation.

Traffic in the northeast corner of the Civic Center was disrupted for most of the morning and afternoon as police closed off Alameda between Commercial and Temple. Dozens of supporters gathered on the sidewalk next to the demonstration.

"We are here in solidarity with the millions of undocumented immigrants and Latinos and other people of color labeled as illegal because of how they look and whose humanity is being denied by the inability to provide documentation proving their status," the protest group said in an emailed statement.

After giving the protesters time to demonstrate and then issuing an order for them to disperse, LAPD moved in early this afternoon to start cutting the 14 apart to arrest them. Observers from the National Lawyers Guild were on hand, working with the protesters to negotiate with police officers on how the arrests would take place.

The 14 were chained together in a circle, with handcuffs inside a metal pipe. Police officers used an angle grinder to open a hole in the pipe and then used wire cutters to separate the handcuffs.


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