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Report Questions Story of Stabbed Paramedic

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, May 24, 2010, at 09:31AM
LAPD / Cecil Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Central Division's mobile substation is parked outside the Cecil Hotel as police search for the suspect who stabbed a firefighter.

A video report posted Friday by FOX 11 raises questions about the stabbing of a Fire Department paramedic at the Cecil Hotel on Main street.

According to the story told last Tuesday as the incident unfolded, Charles Anthony MacDougall and his partner were assisting a patient after being flagged down outside the hotel when MacDougall was stabbed.

The FOX report, which relies on unnamed sources "close to the investigation," says that there are holes in that account. The station says that it has been told that security video from the hotel shows the two firefighters "milling around" the hotel lobby for 15 minutes before MacDougall goes upstairs alone. Another source "insists there are red flags flying here."

Despite sealing off the area and conducting a floor-by-floor search of the hotel, LAPD was unable to find a suspect on Tuesday. The investigation is continuing.


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