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Chef Dan Wants to Deliver to Downtowners

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, May 28, 2010, at 05:49PM
Chef Dan Ed Fuentes

Chef Dan Bartholomew in his home kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles.

Too busy to cook, but still want something special waiting when you get home? Dan Bartholomew thinks he has the answer for you.

Bartholomew is founder and Executive Chef of Urban Manna, a Downtown-only delivery service offering handmade meals that arrive vacuum packed, on ice, and easy to heat.

It's an arrangement designed to keep the food fresh, and Bartholomew believes it to be the best way to keep the taste sealed in the dish.

“We tested each dish a day after it was first made,” Bartholomew says. “Most delivery services drop off a week's worth of food . . .and it's frozen.”

It's clear that the man has done his homework.

“We started in February 2009 coming up with business model. In November we started doing it, researching to make sure everything was working,” Bartholomew says. “Then in January a test trial was made for two weeks with 22 different households; single, married, co-habitat, single males, single females.”

The product is more than a just a sealed meal on wheels. Recipes focus on using locally produced ingredients. Once the food is cooked, the final preparations are done by the customer "sous vide" -- French for "under vacuum. “It’s all the rage. You can control the temperature better than any other method. You don’t cook UrbanManna dishes, you surround them with heat," Bartholomew explains.

Each meal is fixed price of $15.00 per person (or dinner for two at $30) and includes delivery. Instructions are provided with each package, including the timing and order to prepare each separate item.

Menu options are available, but so is the choice to just let Chef Dan surprise you. After all, if you're going to save time cooking, why spent it deciding what to eat?

Urban Manna / Delivery Only


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