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Euro Street Art Goes Face to Face on Spring

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, May 28, 2010, at 06:58PM
Spring Tower Lofts Art Ed Fuentes

Almost-completed wheat-paste by French artist “JR” on the side of Spring Tower Lofts.

Anyone who lives, works or just happens to travel on Spring street is unlikely to miss a pair of giant faces that emerged late this week, the work of two international artists participating in an upcoming Beverly Hills gallery show titled "EuroTrash."

The two works stare across a parking lot, wheat-pasted to the walls of neighboring residential buildings Premiere Towers and Spring Tower Lofts.

French artist “JR” and Portuguese-based Alexandre “Vhils” Farto are behind the faces, which take the form of large-scale monochromatic images. Vhils' work, the male face on the side of Premiere Towers, will use exposed brick facade to create a sort of urban bas-relief. The works have the cooperation of the property owner, and installation is expected to be completed early next week.

Both artists have impressive exhibition credentials. They'll be joined by Irish-born Conor Harrington and British artist Antony Micallef in "EuroTrash," which opens at the pop-up Lazarides LA gallery on June 9. Proprietor Steve Lazarides has a permanent gallery in London.

Don't worry if you don't recognize the newly-large subjects. They aren't celebrities, just everyday faces from photographs the artists have taken.

It's been a busy spring for Downtown's international street scene. British street artist Banksy held a west coast premiere for his film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" last month, leaving a new piece on the side of a building at 9th and Broadway.

EuroTrash spokesperson Sonja Teri, who herself has worked with Banksey and Shepard Fairey, said that the artists return to the urban environment in part to counter-balance gallery work. “It keeps their street cred up, doing this kind of art,” she said this afternoon.


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