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Housekeeping: Server Move

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, June 13, 2010, at 02:04PM

A blogdowntown server move went south on Friday, leaving the site inaccessible at times and leaving our attention more squarely focused on getting things stable than on producing content.

Those issues have now been resolved, and we should be good to go as we head into Monday and a busy week for Downtown.

For those interested in the technical details, here's a short synopsis:

We were bringing a new (to us at least) 1U Dell server online to replace the box that had been hosting blogdowntown for the last year. It was in a pretty fragile state -- the CPU fans had decided to stop spinning -- so we had been nursing it along and rushing a replacement into production.

Only when the live IP was cut over to the new box on Friday morning did a rather nasty issue that appears to be related to the SCSI driver reveal itself. It only happened under high IO load, so it hadn't popped up in internal testing.

Traffic was cut back over to the old server early Friday afternoon and stayed there until just a few minutes ago. After an upgraded BIOS firmware and more memory, the new server has passed every load test we've thrown at it, so it seems to either be fixed or well-masked. We'll find out.


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