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Despite Efforts, Lakers Win Brings Mayhem to Downtown Streets

By Eric Richardson with Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, June 17, 2010, at 04:15PM
After Game 7 Eric Richardson [Flickr]

While no major damage was done, the scene in the blocks around Staples Center was one of mayhem on Thursday night after the Lakers' championship win.

An LAPD deployment that featured "extraordinary resources" could not keep Downtown Los Angeles from again becoming a scene of mayhem on Thursday night, as fans came to the area around Staples Center to celebrate the Lakers' 16th NBA Championship by damaging vehicles and property.

Looking for parade information? Learn about logistics for Monday's parade down Figueroa.

The game inside Staples Center was outstanding. The Lakers won 83-79 after having trailed until late in the 4th quarter. They'll have a parade on Monday, June 21, running from Staples Center to the corner of Figueroa and Jefferson.

Within minutes of the victory, LAPD had declared the scene outside the arena an unlawful assembly.

Staples Center and L.A. Live were calm, but the blocks around saw the same sort of violence that characterized last year's "celebration."

Monday's parade will start at 11am. Players will ride on a customized flat-bed float, with coaches, ownership and the Laker Girls following behind in double-decker buses.

» Live Updates — Last: June 18, 2010

  • 08:10AM LAT now says 37 arrested last night. Question: Where did someone get a Walmart cart for that lead photo? - (ERIC)
  • 07:45AM Beware the righthand parking lane on Flower between 7th and 8th. Still lots of broken glass as of 7:45am. (ERIC)
  • 01:58AM Added a pair of photos of the car fire at 8th & Flower, courtesy of Nicolas Roark. 2 & 3 in the gallery. (ERIC)
  • 12:41AM LAFD reports 37 incidents: 14 rubbish fires, 1 vegetation fire, 3 vehicle fires and 18 medical aids (ERIC)
  • 12:15AM Current reports are 20+ arrests and one police officer with a broken nose. South Park is seriously tagged. (ERIC)
  • 12:13AM Just updated some photos from the scene in South Park a little bit earlier: (ERIC)
  • 10:34PM Laker parade is set for Monday, June 21, at 11am. Route starts at Staples Center to corner of Figueroa and Jefferson. (ED)
  • 10:20PM 7th and Flower resident reports tear gas residue coming through loft window. (ED)
  • 10:17PM Cab set on fire on north of Staples, caught by KABC chopper. (ED)
  • 09:59PM Damage to cars on Hope near 11th reported. People on freeway on-ramps to E/B 110. (ED)
  • 09:56PM Worst of it definitely seems to be Flower north of Olympic. (ERIC)
  • 09:38PM Incidents taking place on the periphery of Staples Center closures. We'll see whether this turns into last year's long night. (ERIC)
  • 09:23PM Very quickly you see a difference in LAPD's enforcement policies. They mean business this year. (ERIC)
  • 09:15PM LAPD already has declared the masses outside Staples Center as an "Unlawful Assembly" (ED)
  • 09:07PM LAPD squad cars with lights on, holding line on Fig. (ED)
  • 08:57PM Lakers win. Kids on skateboards heading toward Staples. Illegal fireworks over Rampart. (ED)
  • 08:42PM Just west of Staples, on the other side of the 110, horns are beginning to sound from the older small apartments. (ED)
  • 08:21PM RT @katfam The energy on the streets is awesome. Love hearing the cheers from all the loft dwellers above. Love #dtla (ERIC)
  • 08:20PM Some E3 attendees are being diverted around Staples on way back to Hotels. (ED)
  • 08:18PM Crowd inside Staples Center is very loud. They've been into it from the start of introductions. (ERIC)
  • 07:43PM LAPD has closed off Nokia Plaza from Chick Hearn Court. Some fans were on the plaza, but not many. (ERIC)
  • 07:43PM LAFD cleared Riordan's Tavern, two blocks north of Staples. Too full. (ED)
  • 07:32PM Talked to an officer on the street outside Staples. He asked, "Can't I just see five minutes of the 4th quarter?" (ERIC)
  • 07:31PM At halftime, several dozen LAPD black and whites line Chick Hearn Court. Mounted units and T3's in motion. (ERIC)
  • 07:01PM Via LAFDAlert: Setting fires is a felony, no matter the size or the value of what is burned. (ERIC)
  • 06:37PM Tiny Latina grandmother burned incense near Staples. “My Grandson asked me to. He’s in Iraq and likes the purple team.” (ED)
  • 05:31PM Stealth fleet of LAPD Metro Division vehicles on Flower heading toward Staples (ED)
  • 05:25PM Via Sterling Davis: "A group tried to burn a Celtics Jersey but LAPD put a stop to that quick!" (ERIC)
  • 05:25PM At 5pm, Metro puts out a press release about potential bus and rail impacts due to the game. (ERIC)
  • 05:23PM Now fans are realizing they won’t be getting into ESPN Zone for game time. A small migration to 7th may soon begin. (ED)
  • 05:15PM 40 minutes before game time, the crowd outside Staples isn't all that different from any other playoff game. Just more cops. (ERIC)
  • 04:24PM ESPN Zone has had a line since 1pm. (ED)
  • 04:18PM So for the evening, updates from around Staples Center will show up both here and at (ERIC)
  • 04:01PM Two hours before game time, it's already getting crazy outside Staples. $100 parking at the former Holiday Inn. (ERIC)
  • 03:17PM We're testing out a new bit of technology for tonight's game, updating twitter and a story simultaneously. (ERIC)


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