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Spots Everywhere, but Not a Place to Park

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, June 24, 2010, at 07:19PM
No Parking Eric Richardson [Flickr]

At some point, every Downtowner has come into contact with a stack of "No Parking" signs so tall that it makes them simply stop and stare.

That's saying something, too, since we who live Downtown see more of the red and white signs than one would imagine anyone else possibly could.

This quartet of overlapping restrictions is currently posted on the east side of Spring street, between 6th and 7th streets.

Ever tried to break down where all the signs were from?

"Atlas Shrugged"

An indie feature based on Ayn Rand's novel will be at the Haas Building (7th and Broadway) on Friday, and it appears that two of the four signs are from this one shoot. Their filming notice (Permit #F00028927-B) lists "No Parking" restrictions for the east side of Spring between 6th and 7th running from 6:00pm to 6:00am on Thursday, June 24, and all day on Friday, June 25. Filming is permitted for 11am to 4am.

DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Driving scenes. Camera and equipment on property, sidewalk, in curb lane and across the street. Interior & exterior dialogue. Occasional traffic and pedestrian control. 1 condor on Eastside on Broadway, North of 8th St for limo driving scenes. 4 bum barrels on Westside on Broadway at 7th St on sidewalk. Interior filming in empty penthouse. 2 static picture cars parked on Westside of Broadway, South of 7th St. Generator & camera in Frank Ct alley. Relocate MTA stops on Spring St, 6th St - 7th St. Scissor lifts. Camera Picture vehicles.

Little Debbie

Saturday and Sunday, Curious Pictures will be at 6th and Spring filming scenes for what would appear to be a snack spot. To do so, they've got parking removed on both sides of the scene both days. They'll also have parking restrictions on the west side of the street from 5th to 6th and a full closure of 5th street between Spring and Broadway.

DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Equipment on sidewalk, in curb lane & across the street. Exterior dialogue. Occasional traffic and pedestrian control. Condors, generator & picture vehicles, Condors, generator, & picture vehicle.

And that top temporary sign? The one that contradicts the others by saying times you can park? That's likely from utility construction that has been taking place in the street in front of new nightclub Exchange LA (618 S. Spring).

The city's permanent parking rules for block don't help either. The peak hour "No Stopping" times make for just one more item a frazzled driver has to read before putting it in park.


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