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Preliminary DLANC Election Results

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 28, 2010, at 09:26PM
DLANC Meeting Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The DLANC board of directors meets in the lobby of the Los Angeles Theatre in September of 2009.

Preliminary results for Friday's Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council election were distributed this evening.

53 candidates were on the ballot competing for 28 seats on the council's Board of Directors.

Of those 28 seats, 17 were up for grabs in races that had more aspirants than seats. 11 were single candidate races, though, if preliminary results hold, two of those candidates -- Alameda East Resident Director and Alameda East Business Director -- failed to win their seat even by simply showing up to vote for themselves.

Valerie Watson won the election's most heavily contested race, taking the At-Large Director seat with 311 votes. She brought in 200 more votes than the next candidate, Simon Ha.

Eight candidates were up for the three Arts, Cultural and Education Interests Director seats. Leslie Colwell, Jay Lopez and Shira Blatt were winners in the preliminary tally, though the gap between third and fourth was only two votes. Edgar Varela topped two other candidates in the Arts, Cultural and Education Interests Director (Resident) race.

Patti Berman was re-elected as Area-Wide Resident Director with 133 votes, tripling the vote count of her competitor.

Stanley Michaels narrowly edged Jung "Gatoona" Lee in the race of Civic Center Residential Director by a tally of three votes to one.

Other resident seats were won by Russell Chan (Bunker Hill), "General" Jeff Page (Central City East), Mamta Patel (City West), Andrew Ruiz (Fashion District), Barrett Reiff (Historic Downtown) and Scott Bytoff (South Park). Rick Young edged out Lawrence Landry in a tight race for the Area-Wide Homeless Resident seat (32 to 28).

The race for Hal Bastian's Area-Wide Business Director seat was close, with Bastian edging Judy Hong by four votes (74 to 70).

Four candidates were up for the single South Park Business Director seat, with Allen Gross emerging as the winner. Other business winners were Celina Mancia (Central City East), David Hurato (City West), Jay Kim (Downtown Center), Lynn Myers (Fashion District) and Michael Delijani (Historic Downtown).

Wendell Blassingame, La'shaun Foster Jones and Gerald Phillips took the three Social Service Provider seats. Private and Public Sector Workforce seats were won by Niv Davidovich and Tanner Blackman.

Final results should be certified by the City Clerk's office next week.

A PDF of preliminary results is available for download.


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