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Park 101 Costs and Next Steps Outlined by Study

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, July 01, 2010, at 11:45AM
Park 101 - Cap Park Rendering AECOM Design + Planning

Rendering of the proposed Park 101, which would cover the 101 freeway as it passes through Downtown.

The five phases of the project to cap the 101 freeway through Downtown with park space would cost $387 million, but would generate $408 million in private investment. Those numbers, part of an economic feasibility study by AECOM Design + Planning, were presented to the community on Tuesday evening along with updated conceptual plans for phasing and renderings of how the results might look.

Stretching from the L.A. River past Grand Avenue, the completed project would reconnect the Civic Center with Union Station and Chinatown, spurring economic growth in an area that doesn't have any today.

Planners have divided the scope into five phases. The first, presented to the community back in May, would be a $2.5-million effort to rework the entrance to Union Station and create a more fluid pedestrian path into El Pueblo.

Next would come a $34-million phase that would cap the block between Main and Los Angeles, creating a pedestrian path from El Pueblo to the Civic Center. The third phase would cap three blocks of freeway and redevelop the parking lots west of El Pueblo into housing and office space. Fourth would come improvements east of Los Angeles, while the final phase would add a freeway cap west to Grand.

Next steps identified for the project included finding political champions, working with the High Speed Rail project on how it interfaces with the Union Station area, starting work on the small first phase and beginning the environmental project for the complete project.


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