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Illegal Fireworks Seized in Raid on Winston Street Shops

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Saturday, July 03, 2010, at 08:47PM
Keep Fire Away Ed Fuentes

Illegal fireworks being loaded on a truck by LAPD bomb squad Saturday.

More than 230 boxes of illegal fireworks were seized from Toy District shops on Saturday, one day after a 17-year-old worker was injured in an explosion.

The teen's hands and face were burned after he dropped a box of illegal blasting caps in a store at 4th and Wall.

The resulting search found 20 more shops selling illegal pyrotechnics. None of the fireworks retrieved Saturday are designed to create a “blast," but the smaller explosion will make sparks and is still considered dangerous, said Fire Department authorities, who added that some of the fireworks were sold in plain view of shoppers.

The Fire and Police Departments seized 200 boxes of goods on Winston and another 30 at a nearby store on Boyd St.

“We try and educate shop owners that these fireworks have been illegal in the City of L.A. since 1942," said an LAFD spokesman. "No fireworks are considered safe and sane.” Any shop owner who wants to surrender their fireworks they can call LAFD or LAPD and a pick-up can be arranged.


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