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Ransacked Wine Bar The Must Pledges to Reopen

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Saturday, July 03, 2010, at 11:14PM
theMust Ed Fuentes

One of two signs posted on the doors of The Must explains that the space is closed while the bar "battle[s] evil forces."

“We are not going anywhere,” The Must Wine Bar’s Coly Den Haan assured us on Saturday afternoon.

The popular Historic Core wine bar was burglarized in the early morning hours on Saturday, stripped of furniture and its stock of wines.

UPDATE (Monday 12:30am): Sunday brought more activity, but little resolution in The Must's murky lease situation.

“I began getting calls around 10am with people asking me what happened," Den Haan said. "I rushed down to see all the furniture gone. It looked like the place was vandalized.”

Surveillance video offered a quick identification of the lead suspect. While Den Haan and LAPD declined to give a name on record, neighboring business owner Bert Green went on Twitter to pin blame on Julie Rico. Rico owns the Weeneez hot dog shop the adjoins The Must and holds the master lease on the space.

Den Haan was expecting a busy holiday weekend, and, with government offices closed, much can't be done until Tuesday. “It was calculated theft,” she said.

Already, there has been an out pouring of support for the neighborhood wine bar, and many are asking when they will be opened again.

“We are part of the community. We don’t even take offers to use The Must for filming,” says Den Haan. “How can you be a neighborhood hangout and be closed?”

That reopening could come as soon as July 7th, once the bar restocks and gets some chairs in. “We could have opened and start making up for losses,” Den Hann said. “It was important to keep the place the way we found it . . . for evidence.”


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