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Art Walk Preview for July 2010

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, July 07, 2010, at 05:30AM
gallery row Ed Fuentes

July's Downtown Art Walk has galleries stepping up their game, making a summer night out something to bask in. For more information on Thursday night, you can always go to the Downtown Art Walk Lounge, but here's a look at what is in the galleries to plan your night around.

GROW WITH ME: Morono Kiang Gallery presents GROW, an exhibition with eighteen artists of multiple disciplines working in varied professions, including public artists, arts educators, art activists, writers, designers, environmentalists, muralists and fashion designers. The exhibition consists of painting, sculpture, performance, print, video, photography, and installation work. The release goes on: “GROW takes the dissidence of the artworks in MOVE as a launching off point to explore the power of art as a catalyst.” Curated by Shervin Shahbazi. Morono Kiang Gallery / 218 W. 3rd (in the Bradbury Building, between Spring and Broadway

IN BRIEF: Bert Green Fine Art brings David Hollen's New Sculpture and Jen Heaslip's "Agua" New Paintings. Hollen works in steel, wood, rope and other durable materials to form sculptures “working out ideas of energy interactions expressed in the tension between order (grid) and its decay.” Heaslip offers brevity to her work. “Naked guys standing there doing nothing.” Noon to 6pm. BGFA / 102 W. 5th

COLOR MY WORLD: EVFA presents "(Color) Between The Lines: A solo exhibition by Serge Armando" from the shared BGFA hours of noon to 6pm. Serge Armando "was steeped in a backdrop of the blue skies of la Côte d’Azur. From proximity, his way was ushered into first hand experience with Flux and Les Nouveaux Realists." EVFA / 102 W. 5th

NO NAMES PLEASE: CB1 Gallery proudly names four emerging artists -- Edith Beaucage, Alexander Kroll, Matt Lifson and Lily Simonson -- for its exhibition “The art that dare not speak its name.” You'll find character and abstraction from Edith Beaucage, modest abstract from Alexander Kroll, cinematic sensuality from Matt Lifson and transcendent states via invertebrates from Lily Simonson’s paintings. A reception for the artists will be held at the gallery on Saturday, July 10, from 5 to 8pm. An artist talk will take place July 14 at 7pm. CB1 Gallery / 207 W. 5th

MOORE FUN: It’s a simple idea: celebrate one year as part of Downtown’s Art Scene, via South Park, with another night of "music, art and curiosity." Terrell Moore Gallery / 1221 S. Hope / 7pm to Midnight

CITY HALL INSIDER: News cameraman Stephen Coleman just closed his still photography exhibit at Bolt Barbers. His landscapes of Downtown can still be seen in the bridge that connects the two City Halls. Hence the name LA City Hall Bridge Gallery. Open until 6pm. His work is also in the greeting area for the office of the Mayor.

FROM HOME TO GALLERIES Indian Mithila art from the last 20 years will be featured at Norbertellen Gallery. First practiced by women on the interior walls of homes, paper became the medium during the 1960s, expanding subject and tone. “Today, the art flourishes in the villages around the rural town of Madhubani in north India." Norbertellen Gallery / 215 W. 6th (6th & Spring)

LIVE FROM ART WALK: Live@808's is an exhibition "where realtime video, audio, texting and other media collide and intermix in a playful and exciting environment facilitated by emergent technology.” The FEED_BACK is an inter/multi/media experiment that “engenders an awareness of the cogent ability of internet technologies to galvanize the world culture in a constructive manner.” Los Angeles Center for Digital Art / 102 W. 5th / Reception during Downtown Art Walk

WHAT THE NIGHT BRINGS: It’s a 9pm curtain at LATC’s The Vault. The rebels are genre-bending mix bag of original live music, performance art, movement and sketch comedy. They offer comments on pop culture, politics and technology. If they are really inspired by real life local and global happenings, one can only imagine what the night will bring. Los Angeles Theatre Center / 514 S. Spring

PARK WALK: If you are arriving by Metro’s Pershing Square station, take a moment to explore the Art Squared Gallery. This outdoor city scape gallery opened June 27 and runs through October. On display are 2D prints, 3D sculptures, performance art and various design installations. Pershing Square (between 5th & 6th, Olive & Hill)

DACG: Submerged is a group exhibition that use H20 as subject. Featuring the work of Deveron Richard, Daniel Vargas, Sabine Glanzman, Deborah Alexander, Jose Zamora, Edwin Ho, Debbie Sauers, Orhan Guven, Maria Kim. Downtown Art Center Gallery / 828 S. Main / Opening Reception during Art Walk, 6pm-9pm_

CITY OF ANGEL: Two months old, Angel Acordagoitia’s Immortal Gallery will feature photographer Beau Pollock. His work has been internationally published since 1999, using fine art landscapes, fashion and portraiture as a focus. Immortal Gallery / 215 W. 6th St #116

LAST CALL: The final 7+FIG Artwalk installment featuring California Artist Coalition of Los Angeles members is a panel with Artis Lane, John Outterbridge and Richard Mayhew, moderated by Curator Mar Hollingsworth California African-American Museum. Artist Conversations run from 7pm to 8pm. Complimentary Parking at 7+Fig.


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