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Mike Monosky of Cannoneers of the New Command

By Monk Turner
Published: Wednesday, July 07, 2010, at 10:57AM
Mike Monosky Monk Turner [Flickr]

Mike Monosky: Have guitar, will rock.

Mike Monosky's love of rock music brought him from the backwoods of Pennsylvania to the beaches of L.A. After making the commute on a regular basis from mid-city to Downtown Rehearsal on 7th near Santa Fe, he decided that living near his studio space wouldn't be such a bad thing. It didn't take long before he began to find his niche in the downtown music scene and he eventually relocated to the Historic Core.

After getting all emotional about this being the last musician I would profile (see below), I asked Mike a couple questions about him and his band.

MONK TURNER: You play in a band, huh?


MT: Well tell us about your band.

MM: The band is called Cannoneers of the New Command. It started as a project after my last band just to keep writing and recording and turned into something more eventful and meaningful.

MT: How long have you guys been playing for?

MM: Since March of last year...

MT: Do your band mates live downtown?

MM: [laughter] Depends if there is a lot of alcohol involved. They'll end of living on the floor of my loft. [laughter] None of them live downtown...

MT: But you guys rehearse at Downtown Rehearsal, correct?

MM: Yeah.. I'm been rehearsing there for 7 years.

MT: How would you describe the band's sound?

MM: Rock n' roll. It isn't too straight forward and we try to throw in a few kinks here and there. We always try to make things interesting while not overcomplicating things.

MT: Has your band been able to plug into the downtown scene?

MM: The first show we played was at Caseys. We're looking at playing at The Blue Star at 15th and Santa Fe. I just did an acoustic show in Chinatown at The Mountain Bar.

MT: Keep it local.

MM: That's one thing about downtown is the number of venues available to artists is growing.

And it just keeps growing! Mike's band is on myspace at:

That's all folks! From here on out I'll be covering music events taking place in the Downtown area. Thanks so much to all the people who were willing to sit down for an interview. I hope this has helped to bring together our growing community of downtown artists. Rock on.


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