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Around the Halls: July 19 - 21, 2010

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, July 19, 2010, at 08:00AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, July 19, and aging infrastructure, centralized collection, affordable housing incentives and surplus food all make appearances on agendas at City Hall this week.

MONDAY: Public Safety and Budget & Finance committees meet.

At Budget & Finance, the city continues its search for new revenue, considering four items dealing with centralizing billing and collection systems -- CF 10-0225, CF 10-1155, CF 10-1155-S1 and CF 10-1155-S2. The items were continued from last week's meeting.

TUESDAY: Council is in session, as are three committees.

At Council, item 13 is CF 10-1159, renewal and expansion documents for the Greater Chinatown BID.

At Planning and Land Use Management, CF 10-0400 is a Huizar motion calling for the Planning department to take a look at the Greater Downtown Housing Incentive Area code and report back on changes that could be made to incentivize more projects to include a mix of affordability levels.

WEDNESDAY: Council is back in session, as are four committees.

At Housing, Community and Economic Development, CF 10-0867 is a CRA report asking for approval to reduce the number of covenanted units at the Simone Hotel (520 San Julian) from 121 to 113 in order to allow Skid Row Housing Trust to use the space for supportive services. The services would benefit residents at both the Simone and the Charles Cobb apartments next door.

At Tourism & Trade committee is CF 10-0922, a CAO report recommending that ARAMARK continue to provide food services at the Convention Center until the Council figures out whether it is going to pursue an alternate business model for the facility. The company has also agreed to lower its fees by 10%.

At Council, CF 09-2326 instructs all city departments to prepare a Surplus Food Policy that is designed to donate any extra supplies to food banks.

CF 10-0854 is a list of city projects applying for the federal government's TIGER II transportation grant program. The Downtown streetcar is on the list, as are projects in the port and in Watts.

At Public Works committee, CF 10-1142 is a motion to name the intersection of 1st and Grand "Ernest Fleischmann Square." Fleischmann, who managed the Los Angeles Philharmonic for nearly 30 years, passed away last month at the age of 85.

CF 09-1709 should be a DWP report to a motion that Councilwoman Jan Perry filed last year calling on the department to report on the state of Downtown's aging infrastructure.


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