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Quick Work By LAPD Was Golden

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, July 22, 2010, at 02:45PM
LAPD GOLD Ed Fuentes

LAPD officers review surveillance video that shows a suspect jumping over the counter of Broadway Gold Center during a robbery.

LAPD has released updated information on yesterday's robbery. Our original story, published on Wednesday at 6:20pm, can be found below.

Jewelry thieves that police say are part of a South Los Angeles Blood gang were quick to get out of a Downtown jewelry store with $30,000 in gold chain on Wednesday, but a lucky break led police to a quick capture.

Around 4:30pm, three men jumped the counter at Broadway Gold Center, located at 6th and Broadway. They grabbed the gold chain from where it was hanging on the wall and made for the exit, but didn't get very far before they were spotted.

“A group of our narcotics detectives were in the right place at the right time,” said Lt. Paul Vernon, commanding officer of the Central Detective Division. “The suspects ran out of the store as the undercover detectives were waiting at the light. The timing could not have been better.”

The officers radioed in a description of the vehicle and attempted to give chase in their unmarked cars, but lost the silver Toyota in traffic.

A few minutes later, a patrol unit saw the vehicle at 10th and Stanford with five men in it.

“The suspects bailed out of the car, but the officers were able to round them all up,” Lt. Vernon said. “We recovered about half of the gold chains taken.”

Police say that the same robbers were responsive for a gold chain heist at 450 S. Broadway on June 14.

Arrested were Lacey Lindsey, 19, of Downey; Len Breazeale, 19, of Lynwood; Earl Davenport, 19, of Los Angeles; Alvin Dotson, 19, of Los Angeles; and Khalie Perkins, 34, of Los Angeles. Their bails were set at $90,000 after they were booked at the downtown Metropolitan Jail.

ORIGINAL STORY (Wednesday, 6:20pm): A group of wannabe thieves didn’t get far late Wednesday afternoon. LAPD was quickly on the scene after an attempted burglary around 4:30pm at Broadway Gold Center, located at 6th and Broadway. “They were lucky,” said one cop, referring to the jewelry store. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Pictured are LAPD officers reviewing surveillance video that shows a suspect jumping the store counter.


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