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Downtown's Dog Day Brings Pets to Courtyard

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, July 28, 2010, at 11:35AM
IMG_1384 Ed Fuentes

Cricket and Sebastian make their entrance to Tuesday evening's Dog Day Afternoon at the Cathedral.

Four years ago, 50 dogs and 80 pet owners mingled at the Cathedral for what then seemed a successful pet soiree.

This year, by count of RSVPs, 500 dogs and 900 dog owners mixed at the fourth annual Downtown Dog Day Afternoon hosted by Hal Bastian, his dog Scooter, Monsignor Kevin Kostelnik and his dog Joaquin.

The annual event brings out pet owners from Downtown and the Cathedral’s congregation and makes for an active afternoon of getting on a first name basis with pets and their owners, often in that order.

“I’ve had Joaquin for 8 years,” Kostelnik told the crowd. “He’s been the host for half his life.”

A less pleasant byproduct of Downtown’s new dog years are pet owners who allow their canines to use the side of buildings and public grass to, as dogs will, do their doody.

Downtown Center BID’s Bastian encouraged those present to spread the word, encouraging other pet owners to curb their dogs.

Downtown’s dogs are well behaved, as could be witnessed in the plaza. Training people may be a different story.

Downtown Dog Day Afternoon at the Cathedral is hosted by Dwntown Center BID and The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

ADD JULY 28: Hal Bastian emails a final tally: "537 Dogs and 1017 Humans"


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