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A Look at 1956 Bunker Hill

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, August 01, 2010, at 11:45PM
Melrose Hoteel on Bunker Hill Los Angeles Examiner / USC Digital Archives []

Mrs. Mary Conner Rasche stands in front of the Melrose Hotel in 1957. The hotel, which her father built, was one of the buildings torn down when the hill was cleared for redevelopment.

Several years before Bunker Hill redevelopment turned from talk to one of the nation's largest redevelopment efforts, USC cinema student Kent MacKenzie made this 17-minute short documenting life in the neighborhood left atop the hill.

Five years later -- still years before the hill would truly be cleared -- MacKenzie would go on to make "The Exiles," a film about Native Americans living on the hill.

Film link spotted via LA Observed.

Update (Tuesday): The Vimeo link was removed overnight after a takedown request by Milestone Film & Video, which distributes "The Exiles."


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