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Around the Halls: August 9 - 11, 2010

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 09, 2010, at 08:05AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, August 9. On the agendas at City Hall this week are housing rules for sex offenders, volunteer programs for the Library, special event permit notifications and redevelopment of Blossom Plaza.

MONDAY: Public Safety and Budget & Finance committees meet.

At Public Safety are a pair of measures relating to how the city handles sex offenders. CF 09-0592 is a motion asking that rules be put in place that would limit offenders to one per building and prohibit them from living within 2000 feet of schools and parks. CF 09-0066 asks the LAPD to report on its current monitoring capabilities for tracking where offenders live.

At Budget & Finance, CF 10-1114-S1 is a motion asking what the city would get out of charging a $7 guest parking fee at City Hall and other facilities.

TUESDAY: Council meets, as do four committees.

At Arts, Parks, Health & Aging is CF 10-0600-S31, a report by the Library department on its volunteer program. The department says that it intends to expand its volunteer programs, but cautions that volunteers can't replace core staff in duties like checking books in and out and that each hour of volunteer time typically takes 20 minutes of staff time.

At Council, item 11 is CF 09-3042, an item requiring that special event organizers notify all nearby property owners of their upcoming events.

Item 18 is CF 10-1388, a motion authorizing Planning to accept a $25,000 grant toward public outreach for SurveyLA, a survey of historic resources in the city.

WEDNESDAY: Council returns, and two committees meet.

At Council, item 13 is CF 09-2540-S1, an MOU between the city and Hanjin International Corporation over incentives for the replacement of the Wilshire Grand Hotel.

Item 21 is CF 10-0777, a motion to return the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to its status as a separate department. The Mayor and Council have been going back and forth on whether the department, which operates neighborhood councils, should be a part of the Community Development Department.

Item 24 is CF 10-1093, a motion authorizing CRA to purchase the Blossom Plaza development site in Chinatown and put out an RFP seeking proposals for what it should become.

Item 26 is CF 10-0937-S1, a motion designating Metro as the lead agency on environmental work for the LA Streetcar project.

At Transportation committee, CF 10-1092 is a report from CRA on a pair of Angels Flight safety items from June, when a end gate malfunction led to a short closure and the NTSB expressed its belief that the line needed a walkway for emergencies.

A trio of items (CF 09-2357, CF 09-2357-S1 and CF 09-2357-S2) deal with what the city can and can't do to regulate catering trucks and where they park.


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