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DLANC Board Stuck in Limbo

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 09, 2010, at 08:50PM
DLANC Meeting Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The DLANC board of directors meets in the lobby of the Los Angeles Theatre in September of 2009.

Nearly two months after voters chose between 53 candidates for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council's 28 seats, one disputed spot has the entire body stuck in limbo.

The City Clerk's office has yet to certify the election results because of challenges filed over one of the board's three Social Service Provider seats.

Gerald Phillips, one of the winning candidates, became ineligible for the position before being seated and the challenges were filed to force the fourth place finisher, Kevin Michael Keyes, to be named in his place. Outgoing board president Russell Brown contends that the DLANC bylaws say that a special election should be held instead.

The board also needs to hold a special election for the two Alameda East seats which went unfilled when the candidates running got zero votes. It has been instructed it cannot hold that election until the new board is seated.

The Clerk's office has until September 2nd to rule on the challenges and certify the results, and Brown thinks the office might take all the time allowed. "They won't give me any clue whether they've started to look at it or whether they're going to look at this five seconds before [the deadline]," he said.

According to Brown's calculations, the $2 million the Clerk's office spent on administering neighborhood council citywide cost $22,222 per council, or $94.50 per vote.


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