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Bloom Shouts Back at Bloomfest

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Monday, August 16, 2010, at 09:29AM
Bloomfest_5221 Ed Fuentes

Councilwoman Jan Perry and Michael Bloom.

The Arts District’s 3rd Annual Bloomfest Music and Art Festival was held Saturday, featuring a list of bands that played into the night, tours of artists' studios, and the usual mayhem found across the Alameda curtain.

Councilmember Jan Perry briefly joined the street party to present neighborhood activist Tim Keating with a certificate for his current advocacy and the work he did alongside Bloom during the formative years of the Arts District.

Also in attendance was Michael Bloom, who timed a visit with family to coincide with the block party named after his brother. “I came out to visit Joel when he was sick,” says Bloom. “Then I was out here again to help with the closing of the store. I haven't been back since then."

When Bloom was invited to the stage to say a few words, he said that he simply wanted to thank Downtown for keeping his brothers name alive, and wanted to pass on the word that family was grateful for the comments, including those written here on blogdowntown––during Bloom's sickness and after his passing.

Before he left, he was asked if there were anything else to say that would be a reminder of Joel. Quickly, Michael tried to bellow “What do yaa want?”

It didn’t quite have the volume of Joel, but it did have the spirited inflection.

The night went on as the band line-up played into the night, and Joel Bloom Square was filled with local artists who closed down their studios after the tours ended.

Still, even with the solid line-up, the highlight to the neighborhood shout-out to Joel Bloom was when another Bloom shouted back a thank you to Downtown.


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