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Around the Halls: August 16 - 18, 2010

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 16, 2010, at 08:57AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, August 16, and a light week at City Hall finds parking garages the largest item of note as discussion continues on whether to lease off the city's garages in exchange for a cash infusion.

MONDAY: Only Budget & Finance committee meets.

Item 13 is CF 10-1441, a DOT report asking for permission to apply to the feds for $3 million in TIGER II funds on behalf of the streetcar project. The money would go toward planning and analysis of connections between the streetcar and other forms of mobility.

TUESDAY: Council meets, as do two committees.

At Council, item 27 is CF 09-3042, a motion requiring that the organizers of special events provide notification to those impacted by street closures.

At Audits and Governmental Efficiency is CF 09-2533-S1, discussion of Wendy Greuel's audit showing that DOT had wasted money on maintenance contracts for vehicle locator systems it either did not install or did not maintain.

WEDNESDAY: Council and two committees meet.

At Trade, Commerce and Tourism committee is CF 10-1261, a motion asking that the city create a Tourism Marketing District that would capture a tax from hotel rooms and use it to market visits to Los Angeles.

At Council, item 24 is the streetcar grant item at Budget & Finance on Monday.

Item 31 is CF 10-1092, a report on two Angels Flight issues from June. Transportation committee heard a report from CRA on the NTSB request for a stairway adjacent to the tracks, which concluded that it was unnecessary. The Fire Department reportedly feels the existing stairway provides it sufficient access.

Item 32 is CF 10-0400, a motion instructing the Planning department to study incentives that could encourage more Downtown housing development at different affordability levels. The department is to report back in 30 days.

Item 41 is continued consideration of CF 10-0139-S1, the plan to lease out public parking garages to provide operators for a cash infusion. The Council did not reach consensus on the RFP during discussions on Friday.

The item is also item 55, a closed session discussion with the city's negotiators.

At a Rules and Elections special meeting to be held in Northridge, discussion will be items related to reform of the Department of Water and Power.


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