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How Did You Find a School or Daycare?

By David Markland
Published: Friday, September 03, 2010, at 10:23AM
Between the Buses Asim Bharwani [Flickr]

Ask Downtown is an occasional series in which we put a reader's Downtown question to you, the real Downtown experts. Help a reader out and share your knowledge.

Over the last decade Downtown has become hip for young singles to move into, which inevitably became couples, and now, parents. Meanwhile, the perception has been that the central city is not a place you would want to raise a family.

Any unscientific survey of the growing number of toddlers seen exploring South Park and the Historic Core can tell you the situation isn't so cut and dry.

We're doing a feature on education for next week's issue of blogdowntown Weekly and are hoping that some of our Downtown parents could fill us in on what they've found out about the area's options.

What was your process of finding a school or daycare for your kid(s)?

Have your own Downtown question? Send it our way via Twitter (@blogdowntown). We'll either answer it ourselves or, if we think it's particularly relevant, make it the subject of an Ask Downtown.


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