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Regional Connector at Metro Board

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, October 28, 2010, at 09:15AM
Regional Connector Update Metro

The Regional Connector goes to the Metro board this morning, where an underground alternative for the $1.3-billion project is expected to be chosen. The question: will it have a station at 5th and Flower?

As we reported on Tuesday, the "Locally Preferred Alternative" recommended by Metro staff deletes the 5th and Flower station that had long been part of the planning process. If the board chooses, it could continue study of the station for a cost of approximately $2.5 million.

Update (1:15pm): The board just voted a few minutes ago, approving the fully-underground alternative unanimously but declining to continue study on the 5th and Flower station unless the private sector paid the entire $2 million cost.

ยป Live Updates — Last: October 28, 2010

  • 12:57PM Board just voted to approve the Regional Connector LPA: Fully underground, but three stations (ERIC)
  • 12:55PM Discussion on 5th & Flower picked back up after public comment. Study would be supported only if the private sector pays (ERIC)
  • 12:31PM Public comment on the Regional Connector continues... (ERIC)
  • 12:10PM Little Tokyo speakers express concerns for the impact that Connector construction would have on business and ask for compensation (ERIC)
  • 11:50AM 5th and Flower amendment fails with a 4-3-3 vote. The Mayor was here but left before this item. (ERIC)
  • 11:46AM Fasana thinks the business community should pony up if it wants a 5th & Flower station (ERIC)
  • 11:39AM Perry asks for 5th & Flower study to continue, and asks not to pit Little Tokyo vs Financial District (ERIC)
  • 11:35AM Motion is also made to remove the Metropolitan News building's eminent domain from the EIR (ERIC)
  • 11:34AM Mark Ridley-Thomas moves right up front to continue study on 5th & Flower. Knabe seconds. (ERIC)
  • 11:25AM Westside extension passes. Now on to the Connector. (ERIC)
  • 11:22AM Board members are speaking in support of the westside extension. Hopefully on to the Regional Connector shortly (ERIC)
  • 10:57AM Public comment on the westside extension is finally completed. Now board discussion, then the connector (ERIC)
  • 10:13AM Councilwoman Jan Perry is here at the Metro meeting. I believe she will support the project and study of 5th/Flower (ERIC)
  • 09:58AM Westside extension comments have been a parade of Beverly Hills folks demanding that the tunnel not go under their high school (ERIC)
  • 09:48AM The rumor yesterday was that there weren't the votes to continue that study, but that could change today (ERIC)
  • 09:44AM They need to do that in order to restore the station if the roughly $185mil in funding needed is found later (ERIC)
  • 09:43AM Just to set the Regional Connector table a bit, the question is whether the board will vote to continue study on 5th/Flower (ERIC)
  • 09:21AM Westside subway extension is up first. (ERIC)
  • 09:16AM Metro board meeting is just getting underway. Regional Connector and Westside Extension are on the agenda (ERIC)


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