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110 Freeway Work to Speed Travel, but Only After Two More Years of Construction

By blogdowntown Staff
Published: Friday, December 03, 2010, at 11:21AM
9th Street Construction Eric Richardson

Vehicles exit the 110 freeway at 9th Street, one of the ramps being widened as part of a $55 million construction project.

Downtown residents and commuters who use the 110 freeway may have noticed significant construction around the 9th Street off-ramp. The work is part of a Caltrans District 7 project that seeks to “improve [the] flow of downtown traffic by adding lanes, improving the SR-110/10 interchange and several ramp improvements,” according to the state transportation agency.

The construction, which began in early 2010 and is forecast for completion in the spring of 2013, is budgeted at $54.9 million. Where is all of that money going, Downtowners may ask?

Mostly into the widening of the 110 freeway and on- and off-ramps near the interchange of the 10 freeway. The northbound 110 freeway from the 10 to 6th street will be widened to accommodate an additional lane. Southbound on the 110 from Olympic Boulevard to 4th Street will see a similar change.

As far as the surrounding ramps, the on- and off-ramps of 9th Street as well as the off ramps of 8th Street and Olympic Boulevard will each be widened to accommodate an additional lane in attempts to relieve traffic backup. A lane will also be added on the southbound 11th street on- ramp and to the bridges at the 9th street and Olympic Boulevard overcrossing.

Will the benefits of this project outweigh the increase in congestion during three years of construction on one of Los Angeles’ most gridlocked stretches of freeway? According to the Department of Transportation, yes: the expensive project will “facilitate a smoother transition between SR-110 and I-10.”

What do you think? Is this project a solution to Angeleno commuters’ prayers or yet another construction project that means a longer drive in the here and now?

To learn more about Los Angeles’ upcoming and current construction projects, visit District 7’s website or contact Caltrans Public Affairs at (213) 897-3656.


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