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Downtown's Biggest Stories of 2010

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, December 30, 2010, at 08:27PM
L.A. Event Center Proposal by Gensler Gensler

This rendering of the proposed "L.A. Events Center" by Gensler was one of three designs unveiled on December 15 and scooped by blogdowntown.

There are still 28 hours left in 2010, but it seems unlikely that a list of blogdowntown's top stories is going to change between now and January 1. We will be going through many of these stories in more detail in the first few days of 2011, but for now here's a look back at what you all clicked on over the past year.

1. An NFL Stadium for Downtown?

First rumored back in April, AEG's plans to bring an NFL stadium / events center to the site of the Convention Center's West Hall certainly caught readers' fancy in December when renderings of three architectural proposals were released. That story got nearly 19,000 views, and the topic of the NFL's potential return to Downtown L.A. got a little over 28,000.

2. The Must

The story of the sudden closure of Historic Core wine bar The Must began on July 3, but it was a story two days later that got the most clicks and comments. More than 11,000 of the 23,000 or so page views devoted to The Must came on that story.

3. Art Walk

When the Downtown Art Walk was suddenly called off, then said to be back on, then quickly funded, readers tuned in. 253 comments helped that first story draw 7,000 of the topic's 15,000 views.

4. LA Market by Kerry Simon

How did an innocuous restaurant write-up end up in the top five stories of 2010? Our February story about LA Market racked up more than half of its 8,500 views after September 1, the month when the eatery debuted on the FOX show Hell's Kitchen.

5. Clifton's Sold

Downtowners love their old cafeterias, apparently. News that Andrew Meieran was purchasing Clifton's and planning to keep the place open 24-hours brought in nearly 7,500 page views in September.

6. Dublin's

Much of the 7,000 views to a pair of stories about Dublin's Irish Pub may have been from folks scratching their heads over where the briefly-open bar had gone. We first mentioned the forthcoming spot in April and then previewed it in August.

7. The Lost Poet-Broker

Ed Rosenthal's disappearance into the desert of Joshua Tree and his rescue nearly a week later brought 6,000 views in late September.

8. Bankrupt Tower Sells, Becomes WaterMarke

blogdowntown broke the news in April that bankrupt Meruelo Maddux Properties was selling its 35-story tower for $110 million. Leasing started just 12 days later. The pair of stories garnered 6,000 views.

9. El Cholo Opens

blogdowntown was first to report that Liberty Grill would become a new location for El Cholo back in February. A May update story and a June write-up from opening day added in to give the eatery approximately 5,800 views.

10. Downtown's Ghost Building

A short April item about the Alexandria's ghostly annex attracted nearly 5,000 views, but no buyers. The building is still listed for sale at $2.6 million.


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