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Slow Road for The Must

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, January 06, 2011, at 07:59AM
Must_0160 Ed Fuentes

Must co-owners Rachel Thomas and Coly Den Haan stand at 5th and Spring in July

It’s been a long six months for Rachel Thomas and Coly Den Haan, co-owners of The Must. Their Historic Core wine bar was taken away in the middle of the night on July 3 by a complicated business deal that has left the pair spending much of their time dealing with lawyers and paperwork.

Even in the aftermath, the two remained positive about their prospects, announcing plans to reopen one block away the next month.

“We thought we’d be open by now,” said Den Haan this week.

Instead, the two are continuing the process of finalizing their new location and hope to be able to make an announcement in the next two weeks.

Still, they remain positive about their neighborhood.

“We can’t walk our dogs and go five feet without someone asking when we’re going to reopen,” said Thomas.

“The love and support is really incredible,” added Den Haan.

The pair continue to pursue legal action against what they feel was an illegal takeover of their business and possessions. They recently filed a motion to expand their action to include representatives of Simpson Housing, the owner of the Security Lofts building where The Must was previously located, and others who advised the business sale.

When the bar does return, it will definitely be close to The Must’s previous home. “We are going to be a stones throw away,” said Den Haan.

In the end, the draw of the venture is worth all the headache. “We loved our business and we loved what we were doing,” she said.


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