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Regional Connector Gets Federal OK for Engineering

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, January 05, 2011, at 05:38PM
Regional Connector Render: 2nd Street Looking West Metro

While they have yet to fully commit to funding, the Federal Transit Administration has notified Metro that it can proceed with preliminary engineering on the Regional Connector and the Westside Extension.

The federal government could provide 50 to 60 percent of the $1.4 billion needed for the Regional Connector and the $5.3 billion for the westside subway. Back in October, the Metro Board of Directors approved both projects.

"Hopefully, this is a prelude for the FTA partnering with Metro to help pay for construction of these two major transit projects that will attract tens of thousands of new riders," said Metro Board Chairman Don Knabe in a statement. "Historically, FTA has funded just one Los Angeles County rail project at a time so this positive action is unprecedented."

While the subway extension will do a lot to connect Downtown to the westside, it is the Connector that will bring construction to the neighborhood. The underground connector would save transit users 20,400 hours of travel time annually by eliminating one to two transfers currently needed to get from the Blue and Gold Lines to points elsewhere on the system.


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